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Mookkuthi Amman Builders

We construct your dream in live

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No.1 Quality!

We build on Mexican and Greek technology with a warranty that L & T does not offer.

In your direct view!!

From sky digging to banana tree planting, videos are provided - watchable on mobile.

Promise of faith!

Your dream home in Vastu style as per your wish

A home of your choice!
In your budget!!

We build Strong for your descendants to live happily without doubt.



At Mookkuthi Amman Builders, we redefine construction excellence by turning dreams into tangible structures. We aim to provide customer satisfaction through quality and value; delivering projects on budget, and per specifications.When you choose us, you choose the promise of unparalleled quality, unwavering dedication, and a team committed to turning your visions into concrete and steel realities.From residential havens to industrial powerhouses and bustling commercial spaces, we handle it all!

Interior & Elevation

Our commitment doesn't end with just a design; we're not just architects; we embark on a journey with you. Our experienced team will seamlessly guide you through every facet of the design process, ensuring your interior space is a reflection of your vision, values, and aspirations.we're creators of interior elegance and elevation mastery.

Repair Works

We're your all-in-one solution. Handling renovation works, cracks, seepage repair, leakage controls, electric and plumbing needs, and exquisite carpentry, we're dedicated to perfecting every detail of your property. Let's partner to transform and elevate your space with precision and care."

New Construction

Your Vision, Our Expertise

Under Construction

Constructing the Future

Our Services

Unique and Quality Service Makes Client Happy


Renovate your space with expert craftsmanship, transforming your property into a stunning masterpiece.

Crack Control

Say goodbye to cracks with our professional solutions, ensuring a strong and stable foundation for your building.

Seepage Repair

Bid farewell to seepage worries as our experts repair and safeguard your property from water damage.

Leakage Control

Take control of leakages with our specialized services, protecting your building and preserving its integrity.

Carpentry Work

Elevate your space with exquisite carpentry work, adding both beauty and functionality to your property.

Electrical and Plumbing

Experience seamless electrical and plumbing services, ensuring a smooth and efficient functioning of your property.

More than 25 years

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Our Projects

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What client’s say

" I wanted to have a beautiful house within my budget. The construction, planning, doors used, the gate, the flooring, etc was excellent within my budget. They really build a luxury house within my budget."


Manager,Private Bank

"They constructed the house with proper vastu. Really went the extra mile to exceed my expectations. The quality of materials, the craftsmanship, and my entire experience were so good with the Mookkuthi Amman Builders."



"We are extremely happy with the service and support that we received from Mookkuthi Amman Builders. The team has been proactive and supportive in helping us build our dream home."


Associate Director

" We have from the beginning set up benchmarks and strived for our growth. Every mile stone that we have crossed has provided us experiences that we value and that which motivated us to move on with the same enthusiasm. "